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Middletown's Design Review and Preservation Board was set up by Ordinance, section 26-10 in 1998, to act in an advisory capacity to the Planning and Zoning Committee. The board reviews all exterior rehabilitation or new construction in business zones, including signage, and advises the Planning and Zoning Commission and Redevelopment Agency regarding their appropriateness.

The board's goal is not to get in the way of improving Middletown, but rather preserve and promote the character and heritage of our neighborhoods and business areas. The Board has developed two documents to assist developers in designing projects:

The Board meets monthly on the second Wednesdays and, periodically adjusts meetings according to need. The agenda is available the Friday prior to each meeting.

The Board also receives nominations and selects appropriate designs to bestow the annual Design and Preservation Awards.

If you are going to undertake a new construction, rehabilitation, and/or signage project in any of the areas below, you will need to present you project before the Design Review and Preservation Board. It is advisable that you call or stop by the Department of Planning, Conservation, and Development to have a pre-application discussion. This will assure that you can present you project in the best and most informative manner.

Be sure to take a look to see if your property or project is eligible for Federal Historic Preservation Tax Incentives.

If you are looking for qualified contractors to assist you with a preservation project take a look at the Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation's Registry of Restoration Services

Areas Subject to Review The Board reviews of the following projects:

  • All signage projects within the City
  • All Historic Properties listed in the following sources (Historic Properties List):
    • Middletown's Historic Resource Inventory
    • The National Register of Historic Places
    • The State Register of Historic Places
    • The Inventory of Historic Engineering and Industrial Sites
  • All Projects in the following areas (map):
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