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Section 21.00 Residential zones are RPZ, R-15, R-30, R-45, R-60, and R-1 (See Section 21a for R-1 zone).

21.00 Residential zones are RPZ, R-15, R-30, R-45, R-60, and R-1 (See Section 21a for R-1 zone). Uses in these zones are limited to those shown in the Use Schedule, Section 60. The geographic locations of the zones are shown on the official zoning maps.

  • 21.01 Height- The maximum height of a structure in these zones shall not exceed three stories or thirty-six feet.
  • 21.02 Minimum Lot Sizes for new lots and yards- Shall be in accordance with the following chart.
    RPZ 100* 15,000 25 10 30
    R-15 100** 15,000 25 10 30
    R-30 150** 30,000 40 15 30
    R-45 200 45,000 50 20 30
    R-60 200 60,000 50 20 30
    *Modification of lot sizes and uses in the RPZ zones.

    1) New lots in the RPZ zone, along existing City streets and new streets, may be approved, by special exception, to have substantially similar frontage and areas as other lots within the RPZ zone provided all new lots are serviced by both City water and sanitary sewer. No new lot shall have a frontage of less than fifty (50) feet nor an area of less that five thousand (5000) square feet. Side yards shall not be less that ten (10%) percent of the street frontage with minimum side yard of five (5) feet, except that one side yard shall not be less than ten (10) feet. The use of lots created using this section shall be limited to single family residential.
    (Amended effective 3/1/91)

    2) The Commission may approve a two (2) family dwelling on a lot of record as a Special Exception. (See Section 44.08.28)

    **See individual lot size variation under water and sewerage requirements.

    21.03 LOT COVERAGE- The ground covered by the principal structure and is accessory buildings or structure shall not be greater that twenty-five (25) percent of the lot area.

    21.04 OFF-STREET PARKING- Off-street parking spaces and related provisions shall be in accordance with Section 40.

    **21.05 WATER AND SEWERAGE REQUIREMENTS- When in accordance with the Plan of Development all new subdivisions of lots shall be served by city water and sewer unless specifically excluded herein after. Lots in the R-45 and R-60 zones may have uses served by on site water and septic systems if the Department of Health certifies, at the time the lots are authorized by the Commission, that the soil of the lots is suitable for on site water and sewer facilities. However at the discretion of the Commission, lots in the R-15 and R-30 zone may be established without city sewer, provided they meet the size criteria for lots in the R-45 zone as to adequately support private well and or septic system. Private wells will be considered only if city water is determined to be unavailable (per Section 19-13-B51 of the Connecticut Public Health Code). Lots in the R-15 and R-30 zone may be established without city water provided they can be serviced with sewer and are approved by both the water and Sewer Department and the Health Department.
    (Amended effective 3/30/93.)

    NOTE: Rear Lots are a Special Exception use unless included as part of a new subdivision. (See Section 44.08.27)

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