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SECTION 21- R-1 restricted residence zone

21.00A- DESCRIPTION OF ZONE- This zone is composed of certain land so situated as to be suitable for a certain quiet low density residential area. Accordingly, the regulations for this zone are designed to stabilize and protect the essential characteristic of the zone, to promote and encourage a suitable environment for family life and to provide certain enumerated non-residential activities that make a complete neighborhood. To these ends development is limited to a relatively low concentration and permitted uses are limited basically to single detached dwelling and permitted uses are limited basically to single detached dwelling units plus certain additional uses such as schools, churches, park lands and certain non-residents of the zone plus public institutions.

21.01A- USES- No land shall be used or occupied and no structure shall be erected, constructed, reconstructed, altered or used, except for any use which is indicated in the R-1 columns of the use Schedule, Section 60 of this Zoning Code and shall be subject to such provisions as referred to in that column.

21.02A- HEIGHT- The maximum height shall not exceed three and one-half (3 ) stories.

21.03A LOT AREA, WIDTH AND YARD REQUIREMENTS- The following minimum requirements shall apply:
Use Minimum Lot Area (Sq. Ft.) Lot Width Front Yard Side Yards- Least Width Side Yards- Sum of Widths Rear Yard
Dwelling W/ S&W 15,000 100 ft. 25 ft. 10 ft. 30 ft. 30 ft.
Dwelling W/O S&W 40,000 100 ft. 25 ft. 10 ft. 30 ft. 30 ft.
Rear Lots* 40,000 25 ft. 50 ft. 20 ft. 60 ft. 60 ft.
Other Permitted Uses- W/ S&W 20,000 100 ft. 25 ft. 10 ft. 30 ft. 30 ft.
Other Permitted Uses- W/O S&W 40,000 200 ft. 25 ft. 10 ft. 30 ft. 30 ft.
NOTE: S above means Public Sanitary Sewer
NOTE: W above means Public Water
*Rear Lots are Special Exception use unless included as part of a new subdivision (See Section 44.089.27)

21.04A- REQUIREMENTS FOR LOTS WITHOUT EITHER WATER AND/OR SEWER- The requirements for lots with neither water and/or sewer facilities shall apply to all zones which permit detached single family dwelling and further, the requirements for lots without public sewer or water facilities for 200 ft. of width may be modified by the Commission if: (a) only one residential building is proposed:; (b) the lot area is one acre or more; (c) the lot is the final lot that could be established from a larger parcel, and (d) any other lots established from the parcel meet or will meet frontage requirements.

21.05A- LOT COVERAGE- Each main building or structure hereafter erected, together with its accessory buildings or structures; shall not cover more than twenty-five (25) percent of the net lot area.

21.06A- OFF-STREET PARKING AND OFF-STREET LOADING REQUIREMENTS- Off-street parking and off-street loading shall be provided in connection with any use in this zone in accordance with the provisions of Section 40.

21.09A- DELETED (effective 5/8/96)

21.10A- DELETED (effective 5/8/96)

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