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Section 22- M ZONE

22.00 Multi-Family Dwelling Units Zone- Uses in this zone are limited to those shown in the Use Schedule, Section 60. The geographic locations of the zones are shown on the official zoning map.

22.01 Height- The maximum height of multi-family structures in these zones shall be 8 stories which shall not exceed 100 feet. Maximum height for single and two family dwellings shall be 36 feet.
(Revised effective 8/15/96)

22.02 Minimum Lot Sizes- shall be in accordance with the number of bedrooms per unit in a proposed project as shown below:

one or no bedroom: 4356 sq.ft./Unit (10 units/acre)
2 bedrooms: 5445 sq.ft/unit (8 units/acre)
3 or more bedrooms: 7260 sq.ft/unit (6 units/acre)

The minimum lot frontage for new lots shall be 100 feet with a minimum lot area of 15,000 sq. ft.
(Revised effective 8/15/96.)

22.02A- Within an existing M zone the Commission may approve a reduction of area required per dwelling unit for a parcel of land less than one acre in area that is contiguous to a parcel of land, 20 acres or more in size which is currently occupied with dwelling units, with the result that the small parcel may be developed with dwelling units equal in density as the existing large development. All other site requirements in the Code shall continue to apply to the new development.
(added effective 6/13/89.)

22.03- Yards- Front yard setback 25 feet; Other yards: one foot for each foot of wall height except that no yard shall be less than 10 feet. Setbacks for single and two family dwellings shall comply with the R-15 Regulations.
(Revised effective 8/15/96)

22.04- Lot Coverage- The ground covered by the principal structures, accessory buildings and all paving shall not be greater than 50 percent of the lot area.

22.05- Off-Street Parking- Off-street parking spaces and related provisions shall be in accordance with Section 40.

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