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Section 23A- MX ZONE

23.00A- Mixed Use Zone- Multi-Family and Miscellaneous Uses as shown in the Use Schedule, Section 60. The geographic locations of the zones are shown on the official zoning map.

23.01A- Lot Sizes- Multi-Family Uses proposals shall comply with the requirements of the M zones.

Other uses, authorized in the Use Schedule, shall comply with the requirements in the Special Exception Provisions or as below, whichever is most restrictive.

LOT FRONTAGE: 75 feet (minimum)
LOT AREA: 10,000 sq. ft. (minimum)

23.02A- Yards- Front yard setback 25 feet; Other yards one foot for each foot of wall height except that no yard shall be less than 10 feet.

23.03A- Height- Maximum height of a structure is this zone, unless specifically permitted elsewhere herein, shall be three stories or thirty-six feet.

23.04A- Lot Coverage- The ground covered by the principal structure and its accessory building shall not be greater than 30 percent of the lot area.

23.05A- Off-Street Parking- Off-street parking spaces and related provisions shall be in accordance with Section 40.
(Addition effective 9/1/87.)

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