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25.00- DESCRIPTION OF ZONE- The zone is designated for development of certain industrial and business uses in close proximity to the Interstate Highway.

25.01- USES- Permitted uses are those indicated in Section 61 of this Code.

25.02- HEIGHT- Maximum height of structure shall not exceed fifty feet in height except office buildings and conference center complexes which may be up to six (6) stories in height. Other height modifications are noted in Section 13.02.
(Effective 8/1/84.)

25.03- LOT AREA, WIDTH, AND YARD REQUIREMENTS- The following minimum requirements shall apply:

Net Lot Area Lot Width Front Yard Side Yard Rear Yard
2 Acres 200 ft. 75 ft. 20 ft. 25 ft.
(Effective 9/15/85.)

25.04- LOT COVERAGE- Each main building or structure hereafter erected, together with its accessory buildings or structures, shall not cover more than forty (40) percent of the net lot area.

25.06- PERIMETER BUFFER AREA- Whenever a lot in this zone adjoins a lot in a residential zone, there shall be a sixty (60) foot buffer in addition to the required yard or yards, and a buffer strip, as provided in subsection 12.08 of this Code.

25.07- INTERIOR BUFFER AREA- Within this zone, a buffer area shall be left between contiguous sites. The buffer shall take maximum advantage of existing natural topographical features and existing planting. Where these characteristics do not exist provision for screen planting shall be included in site development proposals.

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