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SECTION 28- Neighborhood/Rural Commercial Development Zone-

28.01- PURPOSES- The purpose of this Zone is to establish a district for small specialty stores, offices, eating places and other compatible land uses which furnish convenience goods and services for the needs of the residents of the area; do not generate large volumes of traffic; are compatible with the surrounding neighborhood; and which are located in buildings of residential design, scale, architecture and exterior materials in order to preserve the residential character of the area.

28.02- USES- all uses shall be allowed by special exception and shall include: Small convenience goods stores (including drug, food, dairy, bakery, and alcoholic beverage products). Business and professional offices. Small scale sit down dining establishments. Personal services (i.e. beauty shops, barber shops, laundromats. Residential uses as accessory to permitted. No drive thru businesses permitted.

Minimum Lot Area 20,000 sq. ft.
Minimum Lot Width 200 ft.
Maximum Lot Coverage  
Minimum Front Yard 30 sq. ft.
Minimum Side/Rear Yards 25 ft.
Maximum Building Footprint 2,500 sq. ft.
Maximum Building Floor Area 3,500 sq. ft., except that the Commission may approve a 50% greater floor area provided that the scale of the enterprise and the bulk of the building is consistent with the purpose of these regulations.
Maximum Building Height 30 ft.
Maximum Number of Stories Two (2) stories

28.04- BUILDING DESIGN- All Buildings shall be designed by a professional architect licensed in the state of Connecticut and shall be reviewed and recommended with or without prejudice by the Design/Preservation Board prior to submission to the Planning and Zoning Commission.

28.05- LAND USE AND SITE DEVELOPMENT REQUIREMENTS- See Section 33A.11 for additional regulations relating to traffic, landscaping, parking, signage, and other requirements.
(This section amended effective 8/15/96)

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