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30.01- DESCRIPTION OF ZONE- The zone is designed for development of institutional complexes.

30.02- USES- Permitted land uses in the zones shall be limited to governmental, health, educational, charitable and religious institutions. The facility should be compatible with its setting in scale and design.

State buildings within the zone may be leased to the private sector provided the use is compatible with the original institutional setting and the proposed use is reviewed and approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission.

Other land in the Zone, not used and endorsed by the institution, shall meet the requirements of the MX zone.
(Amendment effective 12/31/03)


  1. Site plan review under this section required in all cases where a site plan is required under Section 55 of this Code.
  2. Application may be made for early review of a preliminary site plan at any time prior to submission of a site plan pursuant to Section 55.00 of this Code. The details and conditions of any preliminary site plan approved hereunder shall be included in any final site plan prepared and submitted according to Section 55 of this Code.
30.04- PRELIMINARY SITE PLAN - REQUIREMENTS AND CONTENTS- The preliminary site plan shall include the following information:
  1. Property and zone boundaries.
  2. Location of existing and/or proposed building(s), structure(s) and additions with notation as to approximate square footage and number of stories of each building.
  3. Proposed off-street parking and loading including driveway entrances and exits, and diagram of proposed traffic flow.
  4. General location and type of proposed landscaping buffers.
  5. General topography of the entire site.
  6. Location of flood area and stream belts.
  7. A location sketch showing the relationship for the site to the balance of property owned by the application in the Institutional Development Zone.
  8. Statement describing the proposed use of the planned structure or facility.
  9. Statement discussing how the proposed building or development is consistent with an institutional master plan for the area. This master plan shall be on file with the Planning and Zoning Office.
  10. Statement discussing how the proposed building is consistent with the City's Plan of Development
  11. Drawings of the proposed elevations of proposed buildings. (Subsection amended 12/31/03)
  1. Any site plan or preliminary site plan subject to review under this section shall be submitted to the Planning and Zoning Office.

    Within 30 days of such submission the Office shall: (l) reject such if it does not contain all the information required herein or otherwise does not meet the clear requirements of this Code; or (2) refer said plan to the Commission; or (3) approve such plan if it clearly meets the requirements of this Code, and the conditions of this section do not require submission to the Commission.

  2. The submission of any plan pursuant to this section shall be reported to the Commission at its next meeting immediately following such submission. Any disposition of said submission by the Office shall also be reported to the Commission.
  3. Proposed uses consistent with the Campus Masterplan (adopted on 12/10/03) will be treated as Category 3 Site Plan Review.
  4. Where a plan is referred to the Commission, it shall hold a public hearing on any said plan prior to acting on it where the proposed project will have significant impact or major effect on the zone not owned by the applicant, abutting zones, or the Plan of Development. For the purpose of this section, significant impact of major effect shall include, but not be limited to:
    (Subsection amended effective 12/31/03)
    1. New construction in excess of 20,000 square feet and greater than two stories; or
    2. Any change resulting in a significant increase in vehicular traffic in the zone and/or adjoining zones (an increase in ADVT of 10% on any City street); or
    3. Any change resulting in a significant increase in parking needs in the zone and/or adjoining zones or;
    4. Any change which conflicts with the City's Plan of Development.
  5. In reviewing a site plan hereunder, the Commission shall consider: Whether the plan complies with the City's Plan of Development, the demonstrated adverse effect, if any, on the use and development of adjacent properties or adjacent zones; and the demonstrated adverse effects on the flow of traffic in and around the area of the proposed development. The Commission shall approve, disapprove, or modify said plan. Once a plan is approved or modified, only a final site construction plan under Section 55.00 shall be required, provided said construction plan is presented as part of the documents submitted for a building permit within two years of approval.
    (Subsection amended effective 12/31/03)
30.06- HEIGHT- The maximum height of structures in these zones shall not exceed 5 stories or 75 feet.
(Amended effective 12/31/03)

30.07- LOT COVERAGE, LOT AREA, WIDTH AND YARD REQUIREMENTS- Where institutional uses extend to several parcels, individual lot requirements are eliminated. Other parcels must meet the requirements of the MX zones consistent with Section 23.00.
(Amended effective 12/31/03)

30.08- OFF-STREET PARKING AND OFF-STREET LOADING REQUIREMENTS- Parking will be in accordance with the approved Campus Parking Management Plan dated May 22, 2003. Off-street parking and off-street loading shall be provided in accordance with Section 40 of this Code.
(Amended effective 12/31/03)

30.09- SIGNS- Identifying graphics or signs shall be limited in accordance with requirements of Section 48 of this Zoning Code.
Effective April 15, 1987

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