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33.00- DESCRIPTION OF ZONE- This zone is composed of certain land along the main highways. This zone comprises certain land and structures used not only to provide the residents of this community with retailing and personal services, but to extend these services to the surrounding rural areas. Accordingly, these regulations are designed to permit retail development, limited by standards designed to protect the abutting or surrounding residential zones. To these ends, the regulations establish standards retaining such intensity of use and concentration of vehicles as is compatible with the function of this zone.

33.01- USES- No land shall be used or occupied and no structure shall be erected, constructed, reconstructed, altered or used, except for any use which is indicated in the B-2 column of the Use Schedule, Section 61 of this Zoning Code, and shall be subject to such provisions as referred to in that column.

33.02- HEIGHT- The maximum height in the B-2 zone shall not exceed three and one-half (3 ) stories.

33.03- LOT AREA, WIDTH AND YARD REQUIREMENTS- The following minimum requirements shall apply:
Net Lot Area Lot Frontage Front Yard Side Yard Rear Yard
None 50 ft. (See footnote #1) 50 ft. 10 ft. 10 ft.

(Effective 9/15/85)

33.04- LOT COVERAGE- Each main building or structure hereafter erected, together with its accessory buildings or structures, shall not cover more than thirty (30%) percent of the net lot area.

33.05- OFF-STREET PARKING AND OFF-STREET REQUIREMENTS- Off-street parking and off-street loading shall be provided in connection with any use in this zone in accordance with the provisions of Section 40.

33.06- LANDSCAPING- A landscaping plan which identifies the location of all landscaped islands and the types of species within the islands shall be submitted with teh application materials.
33.06.01- Street trees will be planted along the public frontage at 25 intervals.
33.06.02- Parking lots will have landscaped islands with trees. For every 10 parking spaces there will be one tree.
33.06.03- Interior driveways will be landscaped and lined with trees.
33.06.04- Entrances from a City Street should be designed as landscaped boulevard with trees.
33.06.05- The Middletown Design Review and Preservation Board Landscaping Guidelines shall be consulted for species selection.
(Effective 05/10/2012)

33.07- PEDESTRIAN AMENITIES- Sidewalks and crosswalks will allow access for pedestrians from the City Street to the entrance of the building or buildings. One bicycle rack will be installed near the entrance of the building.
(Effective 05/10/2012)

Footnote No. 1- No frontage is required for a parcel of land in a shopping center provided that access via an easement of not less than thirty (30) feet is available from a public street with a traffic light at the shopping center entrance. No other access shall be regularly used.

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