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34.00- DESCRIPTION OF ZONE- The zone is designed for the development of business and professional offices along the existing interstate corridor in a park or campus type setting as a gradual transition from residential areas with the retention of open spaces and the preservation of natural features of the area.

34.01 USES- Business and professional office. Business uses shall include, but not be limited to, any occupation or trade primarily of a clerical nature such a insurance company, corporate offices or sales offices, but shall not include commercial activities such as the manufacturing or assembling of wares.

34.02- ACCESSORY USES- In addition to the permitted uses set forth in Section 34.01 uses customarily incidental to the main or principle building or land use shall be permitted, including accessory uses for employees within such buildings, such as, but not limited to, cafeterias and like facilities designed to serve only the occupants of the buildings in the zone. Conference and meeting facilities, data processing and storage shall be included within the definition of the accessory uses.

Minimum Lot Area 6 acres
Minimum Lot Width 200 feet
Minimum Front Yard 50 feet
Minimum Side Yard Minimum side yard 75 feet
50 feet which shall be landscaped
25 feet adjacent to a building may be used for parking or driveway if necessary (Effective 9/15/85.)
Minimum Rear Yard 50 feet, except that any rear yard abutting a portion of Interstate I-91 or land owned by the State of Connection as part of Interstate-91 may be reduced to a minimum of 10 feet, and any rear yard abutting a residential zone shall be increased to a minimum of 75 feet.
Maximum Lot Coverage 20%
Maximum Building Height 3 stories

34.04- LANDSCAPING- The purpose of landscaping requirements is to protect and preserve property values through the preservation of existing vegetation and planting of new materials to provide privacy from visual intrusion, light, dirt and noise, and to prevent the erosion of soil.

  • 34.04.01- LANDSCAPED AREAS- Landscaped areas shall consist of open spaces and shall be maintained in lawn, natural ground cover, plantings and trees and may include walks and drives from a street.
  • 34.04.02- FRONT YARDS- At least 25 feet of the front yard of each lot in the zone shall be landscaped with no less than one and one half inches (1 ) to two (2) inch caliper shade tree for each 50 feet of street frontage.
  • 34.04.03- PARKING LOTS- Parking lots for more than 10 cars shall contain landscaped areas equal to at least ten percent (10%) of the gross parking area with one and one half (1 ) inch to two (2) inch caliper shade tree for each 15 parking spaces.
  • 34.04.04- LANDSCAPED BUFFER- No fewer than two (2) rows of suitable evergreens of one and one half (1 ) inch to two (2) inch caliper shall be planted 15 feet apart, staggered in adjoining rows, to provide a visual barrier wherever a lot in this zone adjoins a lot in an R-1 Residential Zone. Where appropriate in the judgment of the Commission, walls and fences may be used in lieu of new plantings. No pedestrian or vehicular access shall be permitted through a landscape buffer area.
  • 34.04.05- EXISTING VEGETATION- Existing vegetation, plant material and trees may be used to meet all or part of the landscape requirements, and existing trees in good condition over twelve (12) inches caliper shall be preserved wherever it is practical to do so.
34.05- OFF-STREET PARKING AND OFF-STREET LOADING REQUIREMENTS- Off-street parking and off-street loading shall be provided in connection with any use in this zone in accordance with the provisions of SECTION 40.

34.06- SIGNS- Identifying graphics or signs shall be limited to one (1) per building, not more than two hundred (200) square feet in area, and subject to all other criteria in SECTION 48 of this Code. No roof graphics or signs are permitted.

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