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35.00- DESCRIPTION OF ZONE- The zone is composed of certain lands located along major thoroughfares and railroad rights-of-way and adjoining existing residential and commercial areas. Because of the close proximity of well established industrial uses in this zone to non-industrial uses, proximity of well established industrial uses in this zone to non-industrial uses, flexibility must be provided to allow such industrial uses to operate with limited restraint while protecting other nearby uses. This zone will provide areas for mixed commercial-industrial uses with emphasis on industrial uses such as manufacturing, warehousing, building material yards, building agricultural and automobile sales and service, etc.

35.01- USES- No land shall be used or occupied and no structure shall be erected, constructed, reconstructed, altered or used except for any use which is indicated in the I-1 column of the Use Schedule, Section 61 of this Zoning Code, and shall be subject to such provisions as referred to in that column.

35.02- HEIGHT- The maximum height shall not exceed fifty (50) feet except as provided in Section 13.02 (Height Modifications).

Net Lot Area Lot Width Front Yard Side Yard Rear Yard
None 100 ft. None 10 ft. None

(Effective 9/15/85)

35.04- LOT COVERAGE- Each main building or structure hereafter erected, together with its accessory buildings or structures, shall not cover more than fifty (50) percent of the net lot area, except that one hundred (100) percent may be covered provided that the required off-street parking and off-street loading is available.

35.05- OFF-STREET PARKING AND OFF-STREET LOADING REQUIREMENTS- Off-street parking and off-street loading shall be provided in connection with any use in this zone in accordance with the provisions of Section 40.

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