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39.00- DESCRIPTION OF ZONE- The zone is designated for older sections of the City developed prior to the application of contemporary zoning technique. These areas generally are at the perimeter of the Central Business District and include a wide mix of existing land-uses.

39.01- USES- No land or existing structure shall be used for a new use or any new structure erected without the granting of Special Exception approval by the Commission. Eligible uses for application for approval are shown in the Use Schedule, Section 60 and 61 of the Code.

39.02- HEIGHT- The maximum permitted stories shall be six (6).

39.03- LOT AREA, WIDTH AND YARD REQUIREMENTS- The following minimum requirements shall apply. Net lot area and Street Frontage. No lot shall be reduced below its currently recorded size without the prior approval of the Commission. Any parcel obtained from the existing lot shall comply with all requirements of this Section 39.
Front Yard Side Yard Rear Yard
10 ft. 10 ft. 10 ft.


39.04- LOT COVERAGE- Each main building or structure herein after erected, together with its accessory buildings or structure, shall not cover more than fifty (50) percent of the net lot area.

39.05- OFF-STREET PARKING AND OFF-STREET LOADING REQUIREMENTS- Off-street parking and off-street loading shall be in accordance with the provisions of Section 40.

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