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39B.01- PURPOSE- To provide for a zone which allows for a variety of public uses on public property while at the same time insuring adequate screening and orderly maintenance at the facility.

39B.02- PERMITTED USES- The following uses shall be permitted uses. All applications for a permitted use shall be treated as a Category 4 site plan approval requiring Planning and Zoning Commission approval. The Commission may hold a public hearing on any application.

Parking of equipment which is an integral part of maintaining public and quasi public infrastructure; school bus parking and related office facility; commuter parking lots; sand/salt storage provided proper environmental controls are in place; public utility buildings, structures and yards; public offices; public schools; public recreational facilities; and other public uses as deemed appropriate by the Planning and Zoning Commission.

Lot Area: 2 acres
Front Yard: 50 ft.
Side Yard: 20 ft.
Rear Yard: 25 ft.
Lot Coverage: 50% building coverage
Height: 3 stories
Off-street Parking and Loading as required in Section 40.

39B.04- REQUIRED TRANSITIONAL YARDS AND SCREENING- In approving any site plan for a new use which abuts a residential land use screening of one of the following types shall be required. All screening shall take maximum advantage of existing natural topographical features and existing plantings.

  1. An earthen berm accompanied with a six (6) foot high evergreen planting on top of the berm.
  2. a six (6) foot high stockade fence on metal fence posts fixed in concrete footings, accompanied with a six (6) foot high evergreen planting between such fence and the abutting residential use.
  3. an eight (8) foot high, six (6) foot wide protective planting strip in accordance with specifications established by the Planning and Zoning Department.

39B.05- OUTSIDE STORAGE- All outside storage areas shall be screened from view to the maximum extent possible. Additionally, outside storage shall be kept in a neat and safe arrangement as determined by the Zoning Enforcement Officer. This section shall be enforced using Section 55.09.

39B.06- TRAFFIC AND OTHER OFF-SITE IMPROVEMENTS- The Commission reserves the right to require traffic and other off-site improvements within a reasonable distance to the proposed development. These improvements may include, but are not limited to, intersection and sidewalk improvements, traffic signalization and signage.

39B.07- ILLUMINATION- Interior or exterior lighting, including signs, shall not be of such intensity or located or directed in such a way as to produce glare or discomfort on public streets or neighboring properties.
(Added effective 1/31/93.)

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