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  • 53.01.01- DUTIES- The Commission shall exercise and discharge the duties provided for it by the Code and are necessary to carry out the provisions of this Code.
  • 53.01.02- POWERS LIMITED- Nothing contained in this Code will be deemed to authorize the Commission to modify any requirements of this Code, except as to provide in specific cases in this Code.

53.02- SPECIAL EXCEPTIONS- Where provided for elsewhere in this Code, the Commission may, in appropriate cases, grant a special exception.

  • 53.02.01- AUTHORIZATION- The Commission will hear and decide only such special exception as the Commission is specifically authorized to pass on by the terms of this Code; to decide such questions as are involved in determining whether special exceptions should be granted; and to grant special exceptions with such conditions and safeguards as are appropriate under this Code, or to deny special exceptions when not in harmony with the purpose and intent of this Code.
  • 53.02.02- FINDINGS- A special exception will not be granted by the Commission unless and until:
    1. A written application for a special exception is submitted indicating the subsection under which the special exception is sought; and such application is accompanied by the appropriate fees and documents listed in subsection 44.03.01 of this Code.
    2. The Commission will make a finding that granting of the special exception will not adversely affect the public interest; that such special exception is authorized under a special subsection of this Code; and that satisfactory provisions and arrangements have been made concerning each of the findings listed under subsection 44.04 of this Code.
  • 53.02.03- PROCEDURES- The procedures required for granting a special exception are provided for in subsection 44.02, 44.03, 44.04, 44.05 and 44.06 of this Code.

53.03- CONTINUOUS REVIEW OF CODE- The Commission and its staff will carry on a continuous review of the effectiveness and appropriateness of this Zoning Code and recommend such changes as seem fit.

53.04- NEW LOTS- The Commission will hear and decide applications for subdivision approval, as provided for by the General Statutes of Connecticut. In passing upon any such application, the Commission will be cognizant of provisions of this Code.

53.05- MAINTENANCE OF ZONING MAP- The Commission and its staff will keep up-to- date the official Zoning Map and will keep the Town Clerk supplied with a current copy of such map.

53.06- APPEAL FROM DECISION OF COMMISSION- Appeals from decisions of the Commission may be made in accordance with the General Statutes.

(Section amended eff. 10/15/97)

53.07- VARIANCES FROM THE ZONING CODE- Variances from the Zoning Code may be granted or denied through an application to the Zoning Board of Appeals made in accordance with the General Statutes.
(Section added effective 3/2/09)

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