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These Regulations and Zones established hereunder may be amended, modified, changed, added to or repealed by:

(A) Initiative of the Commissions or, (B) by the Commission approval of an application filed by any other person or entity.

Applications shall consist of four parts: (1) Completed applications form(s) provided by the Commission's Office; (2) Payment of the fee designated in Section 10; (3) Text and/or maps identifying the proposed amendment including the present status of the Code, if existing regulations are involved in the proposed amendment; and (4) a statement and/or schematic plans explaining the purpose of the zone change. If a map amendment is involved, the scale of the map shall be adequate to clearly identify the boundaries of the zones. Prior to a decision, the Commission shall conduct a public hearing as specified in the General Statutes, as amended. No fee shall be collected on any Commission initiated application.
(Section amended effective 3/15/96)

In passing upon any such petition, the Commission shall take into account the various factors favoring and dis-favoring a change, such as but not limited to the following:

  1. Errors in the existing Code; changes that have taken place in the City in pattern of development and land use; the supply of land and its peculiar suitability for various purposes; the effect of a map change on the surrounding area, the purposes of zoning; the objectives of the Plan of Development; neighborhood acceptance weighed against community needs; and legality;
  2. Whether some other method or procedure under the Zoning Regulations is available and more appropriate that the amendment proposed.
  3. As a general policy, the Commission should not establish any zone with a geographic area less than twenty (20) acres.
(Revision effective 10/16/87)
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